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Easton Heights Baptist Church

Easton Heights Baptist Church is a loving fellowship of believers. We have a blended worship format. Blending contemporary music and traditional hymns in a meaningful, and inspiring service.

We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise.

We are affiliated with the Southen Baptist Convention, Oklahoma Baptists, and the Tulsa Metro Baptist Network.

We subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message. We believe in the inerrancy of God's Word (the Holy Bible). 

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Morning Worship Sunday, October 11, 2020

Pastor Terry Jarrard

Call Unto Me

Bro. Terry Jarrard

Three Imperatives about Prayer

Bro. Terry Jarrard

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 In-Person Worship 
 and Bible Study 

Bible Study -- 9:30 AM

Sunday Morning -- 10:45 AM

Sunday Evening -- 5:30 PM

Wednesday -- 6:30 PM

Social distancing and sanitization provisions are in place.
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 Annual Branson Trip 

October 29th - 31st

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Service Times


AM Bible Study - 9:30 AM

AM Worship - 10:45 AM

PM Bible Study - 5:30 PM


Bible Study - 6:30 PM


2901 W Easton St

Tulsa, Oklahoma


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